Monday, October 28, 2013

The Odd Couple

Last weekend my wife and I finally visited some of the wineries in the Finger Lakes region in New York, specifically the Seneca Lake area.
That visit inspired this posting and I feel more postings to come.
Before I get into this weeks pairing I have to say how pleasantly surprised I was with the variety and quality of the wines you can find in this region. If you haven't tried any Finger lakes wines, I suggest you do.

Now for the pairing.

CIGAR: Zino Platinum Scepter Cubby  

Wine: Pompous Ass Highfalutin Red

The Cigar:  This is one of the newest in the Zino Platinum Scepter of cigars. The entire line looks impressive with it's black metal tube and silver band. I chose the "Chubby" size which is a 4 1/2x 54 ring gauge double perfecto.
Being a cigar primarily made from Dominican tobacco and by Davidoff I expected something a bit mild to medium, and that is what I got. The first third of the cigar was a bit disappointing, it was not well balanced and the draw was rough. But, as soon as I got into the meat of the cigar the cigar opened up to become a very well balanced and smooth smoke. It has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and that buttery almost sweet taste came through. Towards the end there was a bit of light pepper and cedar to round out the cigars profile. This mild to medium bodied cigar promised and delivered.

The Wine:
This wine was one of the surprises of my trip to New York state. It is a medium-bodied red from the Pompous Ass Winery in Stream Rock, NY. The Highfalutin Red is a blended table red wine with 2% residual sugar making a not to dry wine. I was not expecting this table red to have the complexity that it did. it was the perfect compliment to my lighter bodied cigar.
This wine would also be good wine with a casual dinner or lunch of pizza and burgers or just by itself.

 The Pairing:  I titles this pairing the odd couple because I paired a Zino Platinum Scepter cigar, retailing for about $16.00 each with a Pompous Ass Winery's Highfalutin Red wine which retails for under $10.00 a bottle.

This odd couple blended perfectly. The wine helped bring out the cedar and sweet notes of the cigar while the cigar had the perfect balance of tastes to enhance the plum notes in the wine. neither one of them stole the show and they really worked great together. A heavier wine would have overshadowed the cigar while a darker wrapper cigar would have totally deadened the taste of the wine.

I really suggest this pairing if you are interested in a wine and cigar pairing that you can have anytime from lunch through after dinner dessert.
You can purchase the wine from Pompous Ass Winery and the cigar is available at any of your better cigar retailers.


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