Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dark and Delicious

It's now one week into Eastern Standard Time and I finally thought of of a suitable paring for these darker evenings. When we go back to standard time, it's dark at 6:00 pm. It's a time of year where I really need to stay positive as to not get into a slump. It's so easy to come home, eat and basically crash. That's where a good pairing comes in perfectly. After a great dinner, I can sit out on my porch and relax, even if it's only for 30 minutes, and any stress of the day melts away.

So in honor of the darker evenings, I decided on a dark pairing.

Recently, a new wine was released for a limited time and I searched my humidor for an old favorite that I really knew would pair very well.

Cigar: Toraño Master Maduro

 Wine: Apothic Dark

The Cigar:
The Toraño Master Maduro, is a cigar that was a
collaboration between Charlie Toraño and master roller, Felipe Sosa.
The original Master launched in 2010 getting really high marks for it's quality and flavor and the Maduro version is no exception.
This cigar has a beautiful sun-grown Nicaraguan Habano Maduro wrapper. It is fermented for an extended period of time giving it it's deep color and complex flavor. It has a Habano binder from Ecuador and the fillers are made up of Nicaraguan and Dominican Republic tobaccos.
This is a very rich and smooth cigar with hints of cocoa and spice.
It is a definitely one of my favorite Maduros.

The Wine:
A year or so ago I was introduced to Apothic Red at a local restaurant with a wonderful selection of wines. The table red did not disappoint, so when my wife told me about the limited release of Apothic Dark, I had to try it. I was not disappointment and the name fits.

Dark, is really the only way to describe this red wine.
In doing a little research I was actually surprised that this release was not on Apothic's website and I could not find out what grapes are used in the blend.
I can tell you that Apothic Dark has flavors that are a mix of a dark and ripe blackberry and blueberry with notes of coffee,dark chocolate and smokey tobacco. The finish, was smooth and velvety

This was the perfect wine to have after my rich, steak dinner.

The Pairing:
From the prelight of the cigar to the the first sip of the wine, I knew this pairing was going to be one of  my favorites.
The Master Maduro cigar was so well balanced and smooth that when I took a sip of the wine there was not fight, no residual, lingering bite from the cigar. The wine perfectly complimented the cigar with it's deep berry and cocoa notes and again, a very long and smooth finish.

I am recommending this paring to anyone who likes a nice full red, no to too dry but rich and complex and a cigar that is a straightforward medium bodied Maduro that is smooth and doesn't bite.

The price isn't bad eaither. You can get both a robusto of the Toraño Master Maduro and a bottle of the Apothic Dark for right around $20.
With these flavors and at that price, this pairing is a no brainer.

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