Friday, January 3, 2014

New Boutique Cigar that will Surely Impresss

This is something I have been waiting for, for a few months now. I was able to be apart of this new cigar and I couldn't be more pleased with it.

Guerra is a specialty production, blended in the Dominican Republic bu a small boutique manufacturer.

At first glance the cigar and it’s packaging looks Cuban. From the colors and artwork on the box to the wrapper and pigtail of the cigars.

The cigars boasts a  Criollo 98 Ecuadorian wrapper, a Dominican Habano binder and the fillers are a blend of premium  Nicaragua &  Dominican tobaccos.

It is an very well balance medium bodied cigar that is smooth from head to foot. It has a beautiful mottled wrapper that you can tell has been aged for many years. It is a true Dominican cigar in flavor and  it has just a touch of pepper coming from the Nicaraguan tobaccos used in the filler. Overall it is a true Dominican cigar boasting those subtle notes of a creamy sweetness and just a touch of cedar and spice at the finish.

The brand owners wanted to focus on the rich history of Cuba when creating the brand. Guerra means "war" in Spanish and the inside vista sports an image of Cuban native Hatuey, Cuba's first national hero. Hatuey led the rebellion against the Conquistadors in 1512 when Cuba was invaded. After being betrayed by his own men, Hatuey was given the chance to repent and chose to die rather than giving up his beliefs. This incredible true story had a big impact on the brand owners, which is why they created Guerra; a brand that signifies liberty and independence. A statue of Hatuey still stands today in Havana Bay, Cuba.

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