Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Cigar Magazine

If you like reading about cigars, cigar lifestyle and cigar news, then check out the Cigar Journal.

This is a newer magazine that is bilingual but has plenty of informative news, stories, ratings and reviews.

Colin Ganley, Editor in Chief, Cigar Journal
In speaking with the editor, Colin Ganley, we talked in depth on their review system. They take no advertising dollars to have a cigar review. All their tests are blind tests using unbanded cigars and is totally unbiased. The Cigar Journal panel carries out these blind tastings and the ratings reflects the average of the eight person panel.

If you check out their winter 2013 ratings you'll find the top 5 cigars are

  1. Oliva Serie V Special Edition 2012 Diadema
  2. Punch Edicion Limitada 2013 Serie D'Oro #2
  3. Perdomo 2th Anniversary Sun Grown Corona Grande
  4. Padron Family Reserve #45 Maduro
  5. Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado

Having smoked all of these cigars I have to say that I agree with their top 5 just maybe not the order. And you will also find, not a single Cuban in the bunch as opposed to that other magazine.

So, check out the Cigar Journal for yourself, I think you'll agree it's a very well done cigar magazine.

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