Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Smoking an Oliva Serie V Lancero with the guys and girl from The Cigar Lounger. #Oliva #thecigarlounger #nowsmoking #Cigar #cigarradio #cigarart #cigarporn #cigarpairings cigarpairings.com

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Cigarpairibgs.com Preparing to be on the Cigar Lounger Radio tonight with a Padilla Signature 1932. #thecigarlounger #Padilla #smokingcigars #cigars #cigarpairings #smokingcigars #nowsmoking #cigarporn

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Cigar News. Back together again

Friendship never should come in the way of good business. About 5 years ago Ernesto Perez-Carrillo and Michael Giannini parted ways and going to do other wonderful things in the cigar world.

 Ernest went to establish EP Carillo cigars while Michael stayed with General Cigar. Both huge players in the cigar world producing some of the most premium cigars today.

Now the two men are getting back together for a joint venture, Re+United Cigars.
These two experienced cigar men together again will only produce another solid premium cigar.

To read the complete story check it out on Cigar Aficionado.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Smooth Pair

Today was a beautiful break from the nasty winter weather we've been having in the Northeaster US. The sun was shinning and it got me thinking about warmer climates and
one of my favorite places on earth, Jamaica. Where the sun and sand are beautiful and the rum tasty and plentiful.
So unlike a lot of my pairings, this one started with the libation, not the cigar, and I feel this one was a hit.

Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro

Appleton Estate Reserve Jamaica Rum

The Cigar: Alec Bradley is home to the 96 rated Prensado cigar which was also the Cigar Aficionado cigar of the year for 2011. In 2007 Alan Rubin and his crew launched their Tempus line of cigars, this launched them into the cigar spotlight as a serious premier cigar player. The Tempus Maduro was a follow up to this very successful cigar and does not disappoint. Produced at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas in Honduras this cigar features an excellent blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers, wrapped by an oily San Andres maduro leaf. This cigar ends up being a slightly spice cigar with heavy creamy smoke and notes of dark chocolate and espresso. It is a full bodied cigar that is best smoked after a good meal.
The Tempus maduro cigar is quality through and through from its construction to it's draw and is definitely one to keep in your humidor.

The Drink: Jamaican rum, I just love Jamaican rum and their is none finer than Appleton Estate Reserve Jamaican rum. Distilled in copper pots and aged in select oak barrels, this rum is full bodied and smooth. 
It has a deep smoky flavor with hints of vanilla, nutmeg and orange. A wonderful rum on the rocks, as I had it or mixed with fresh squeezed lime juice and club soda. 
This is one of my go to rums and  I think you will enjoy it too.

The Pairing: This pairing has to go down as one of my favorite after dinner pairings. The balance of woodsy smoky flavors from the rum, pairs very well with the deep and dark notes from the cigar. They compliment each other in a way that the tastes combine to create a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I really feel that this pairing is going to go down as one of my all time favorites.
The price of this pairing isn't bad either. The cigar will run you about $9.00 for the robusto and the Appleton Estate Reserve Jamaican Rum is less than $30.00 a bottle. In my mind you really can't go wrong.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ready for a medieval battle, Ave Maria Crusader, Man O' War Ruination, all lead by Julius Caesar by Diamond Crown. #avemaria #ruination #juliuscaesar #cigarart #smokingcigars #cigarsnob #cigars #cigarporn #cigarpairings

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Bigger really Isn't Better

In most of the civilized world, the best-selling cigar sizes are usually Coronas or Lanceros. These thinner ring gauge cigars seem to be the perfect balance of cigar filler, binder and wrapper. 

You can visit almost any tobacco manufacturer in Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic and you will undoubtedly see the owners and blenders smoking cigars with a ring gauge of 48 or less.

But in the good ol’ US of A, where the Texas motto, “Bigger is Better”, seems to have swept into the cigar world. You now find a lot of companies now making these obscenely fat cigars.

Cigars like E.P. Carrillo’s Inch, CAO’s Flathead,  Asylum’s 13 Seventy, Carlos Torano’s Master Colossal and CI’s newest incarnation The Log, are all 7 inch log cigars with a 70 ring gauge.  
Of course let’s not forget Nat Sherman's Tycoon at 8” long and a 70 ring gauge. 
All these cigars have a ton of filler tobacco.

Now for full disclosure, I have not tried any of these sized cigars Mostly in fear of lock-jaw and partially for looking simply ridiculous. But I cannot see how these behemoths of tobacco can taste remotely like their smaller counterparts.

So if you like a lot of tobacco and are brave enough to look like an amateur porn star, you might want to give any or all of the cigars listed a try. Hey, maybe you will like them, or not.

A new cigar of the day, a Diamond Crown Julius Caesar. #diamondcrown #smokingcigars #smoking #cigars #cigar #cigarpairings #cigarporn #cigarlounger #jcnewman

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Pairing to Warm a Cold Day

OK, enough is enough with this nasty winter weather, right!
My last pairing I was on the beach on the Dominican Republic and this one I am home in Northeastern Pennsylvania with over a foot of snow on the ground. I'd really rather be on the beach. When the weather is a rough as it's been it's really easy to become depressed and blue. So, with the weather being as grey and cold as it is, I wanted a pairing of a cigar and wine that would help warm my spirits as well as my pallet.

So today's pairing I paired a medium to full bodied cigar from Nicaragua with a wine from Argentina.

Cigar: Pucho Habano Colorado
Wine: Familia Zuccardi 2008 Malbec Malamado Port

The Cigar: 
Before I start I will disclose that I was given samples of this cigar by the Pucho cigars.

Before Instagram, I had no idea Pucho cigars even existed. The more I looked into them I found that these cigars are created by Michael Palma with help from Nestor Plascencia.  If you know the Plascencia name you will know they make cigars for some of the finest companies in the world including, Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, Padilla and other notable brands. Having visited Plascencia's factory in Nicaragua and knowing their wonderful craftsmanship, I definitely had to try this cigar. Upon receiving my package I noticed that the cigars arrived dry and need humidification so I let them sit for over 3 weeks in my humidor.
Today, when I pulled out the cigar it felt good and I lit it up. The first thing I can say is the color and the draw of the cigar were perfect. The Habano Colorado wrapper had a great color and oiliness. The draw was smooth and effortless.
The burn unfortunately was a bit uneven probably due to the fact of them being a bit dry upon receiving them but a few touch ups and the smoke was good. In fact, very good. They claim this cigar full bodied and for the knowledgeable cigar smoker due to it's complexity. I felt it was medium to full but it's balance and complexity were noteworthy but could be enjoyed by a novice smoker as well. These hand rolled beauties are made from Cuban seed tobaccos grown in the very fertile soil of the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. Knowing Nicaraguan tobacco especially tobacco from the Jalapa Valley I expected a bit of peppery notes and cedar but didn't expect the cigar to be as smooth as it was.  A thoroughly enjoyable cigar.

The Wine:
Knowing I was going to be smoking a cigar with tobaccos from the Jalapa valley, I wanted a wine that would add to the rich flavors and not compete. I chose an interesting Malbec wine that was done in a port style. The Familia Zuccardi 2008 Malbec Malamado Port is made from grapes grown in the Mendoza region of Argentina. The wine  is very rich and fruit forward with the deep chocolate and berry characteristics of a Malbec. It is a very well balanced wine with some subtle hints of figs and nuts. The finish is long and velvety and would be a great desert wine after any dinner, or as an accompaniment to a rich desert alone.

The Pairing: This pairing definitely helped warm up this cold winter day. The rich smooth taste of the port balance really well with the complexity and peppery smoky cigar. The Pucho Habano Colorado cigar really was the perfect cigar for this afternoon and pairing it with this rich Malamado Malbec Port was a paring I would definitely try again.

Not only was this a very good pairing but not a bad value either. Now the Pucho cigars currently are only available though their website Pucho Cigars. The cigar retail for $15.00 and come in a bamboo tube and burlap sack. The wine is more readily available and retails for anywhere from $18 to $22.00 a bottle.

So, I would highly recomend this pairing and either the Pucho cigar or the Familia Zuccardi 2008 Malbec Malamado port on it's own. You won't be disappointed.

Working on my cigar pairing of the month. Pucho Colorado and a Malamado Malbec. #Pucho #puchocigars #wine #malbec #smokingcigars #cigarpairings #cigarporn #cigars

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Macanudo Vintage 2006 Deal

photo from Cigar.com

If you are a Macanudo fan you'll know that the Vintage 2006 is a really good Connecticut wrapped cigar.
This weekend our friends at Cigar.com are having a blow out sale on boxes of 12. Robustos normally sell for $100, now are $59.95. I would definitely check this out!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Location, location, location

Throughout this blog, I have touted the merits of a good cigar, drink pairing and the importance it has to both the smoke and the libation.

But sometimes it's all about "place". Not just your location but the place your head is in. The guys from the Cigar Lounger magazine like to call this quality of life moments, and I very much agree.

So this pairing of sorts isn't really about what I was drinking or smoking but about where I was in that moment.

Cigar: Ashton Cabinet robusto
Drink: A Daiquiri
Place: The North Shore of the Dominican Republic

Yes, I know, a drink in a plastic cup and a straw, paired with a really nice Ashton Cabinet. Again, this is all about place.

This winter across most of the US and Canada has been brutal. In fact today, my wife and I just finished cleaning up over 12" of snow waiting for the next storm to hit in a few hours. So I thought it was the perfect day to have warm thoughts and write this entree.

The Cigar: The Ashton line of cigars is well know for being one of the most premier cigars around. With their Cabinet Selection of cigars they created a new boldness to a Connecticut Shade wrapper.

This cigar has a total of six different tobaccos in the blend with it's Connecticut shade wrapper being aged an additional year and its Dominican long fillers aged 4 to 5 years, giving it a very well rounded and deep flavor pallet.

A total of seven years goes into the creation of an Ashton Cabinet from seedlings to the finished cigar, and this time and patience is evident in the smoke.

It is a mild to medium bodied cigar leaning a bit more to the medium side and has a superb draw.
It has earthy notes and a very subtle spice toward the end.

This is a cigar that is definitely in my rotation.

The Drink: Well it was a Daiquiri, made with freshly squeezed limes and Brugal Anjeo rum.

My new friend Oscar, created this cocktail for me while I started lighting my cigar and he really made it well. The tartness from the fresh lime with the wonderful sweetness of the Dominican Brugal rum was an excellent compliment to my smoke.
And, OK, the view wasn't bad either.
This experience was an escape for me. An escape from the reality of work and the cold weather. I was able to sit on a white sandy beach, my wife beside me,  smoke a wonderful cigar and have a cocktail. All on a Tuesday afternoon.

A quality of life moment, definitely.

So when you are feeling a bit unhappy, or need to change your attitude, to paraphrase Jimmy Buffett change your latitude and enjoy a great cigar!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

PA cigar tax

Only a few state in the country do not have a tax on cigars, PA is one b of them. But, if the state doesn't balance it's budget soon they will be looking at cigar tax as a revenue source.
You can read a short article on Half Wheel.

Cigar of the day. Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown. #cigarsnob #cigar #cigars #Perdomo #cigarporn #cigarpairings #smokingcigars #smoking

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