Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bigger really Isn't Better

In most of the civilized world, the best-selling cigar sizes are usually Coronas or Lanceros. These thinner ring gauge cigars seem to be the perfect balance of cigar filler, binder and wrapper. 

You can visit almost any tobacco manufacturer in Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic and you will undoubtedly see the owners and blenders smoking cigars with a ring gauge of 48 or less.

But in the good ol’ US of A, where the Texas motto, “Bigger is Better”, seems to have swept into the cigar world. You now find a lot of companies now making these obscenely fat cigars.

Cigars like E.P. Carrillo’s Inch, CAO’s Flathead,  Asylum’s 13 Seventy, Carlos Torano’s Master Colossal and CI’s newest incarnation The Log, are all 7 inch log cigars with a 70 ring gauge.  
Of course let’s not forget Nat Sherman's Tycoon at 8” long and a 70 ring gauge. 
All these cigars have a ton of filler tobacco.

Now for full disclosure, I have not tried any of these sized cigars Mostly in fear of lock-jaw and partially for looking simply ridiculous. But I cannot see how these behemoths of tobacco can taste remotely like their smaller counterparts.

So if you like a lot of tobacco and are brave enough to look like an amateur porn star, you might want to give any or all of the cigars listed a try. Hey, maybe you will like them, or not.

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