Thursday, February 13, 2014

Location, location, location

Throughout this blog, I have touted the merits of a good cigar, drink pairing and the importance it has to both the smoke and the libation.

But sometimes it's all about "place". Not just your location but the place your head is in. The guys from the Cigar Lounger magazine like to call this quality of life moments, and I very much agree.

So this pairing of sorts isn't really about what I was drinking or smoking but about where I was in that moment.

Cigar: Ashton Cabinet robusto
Drink: A Daiquiri
Place: The North Shore of the Dominican Republic

Yes, I know, a drink in a plastic cup and a straw, paired with a really nice Ashton Cabinet. Again, this is all about place.

This winter across most of the US and Canada has been brutal. In fact today, my wife and I just finished cleaning up over 12" of snow waiting for the next storm to hit in a few hours. So I thought it was the perfect day to have warm thoughts and write this entree.

The Cigar: The Ashton line of cigars is well know for being one of the most premier cigars around. With their Cabinet Selection of cigars they created a new boldness to a Connecticut Shade wrapper.

This cigar has a total of six different tobaccos in the blend with it's Connecticut shade wrapper being aged an additional year and its Dominican long fillers aged 4 to 5 years, giving it a very well rounded and deep flavor pallet.

A total of seven years goes into the creation of an Ashton Cabinet from seedlings to the finished cigar, and this time and patience is evident in the smoke.

It is a mild to medium bodied cigar leaning a bit more to the medium side and has a superb draw.
It has earthy notes and a very subtle spice toward the end.

This is a cigar that is definitely in my rotation.

The Drink: Well it was a Daiquiri, made with freshly squeezed limes and Brugal Anjeo rum.

My new friend Oscar, created this cocktail for me while I started lighting my cigar and he really made it well. The tartness from the fresh lime with the wonderful sweetness of the Dominican Brugal rum was an excellent compliment to my smoke.
And, OK, the view wasn't bad either.
This experience was an escape for me. An escape from the reality of work and the cold weather. I was able to sit on a white sandy beach, my wife beside me,  smoke a wonderful cigar and have a cocktail. All on a Tuesday afternoon.

A quality of life moment, definitely.

So when you are feeling a bit unhappy, or need to change your attitude, to paraphrase Jimmy Buffett change your latitude and enjoy a great cigar!

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