Monday, March 24, 2014

Cigar News, another cigar ban

Northampton, MA, a town in Western Massachusetts as of June 1st has banned smoking in almost any place imaginable and even cigar shops. They are also banning the sale of cigars under $5.00

As of June 1, smoking will be prohibited in public and private clubs, workplaces, city parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming areas, nursing homes, within 25 feet of city buildings, all outdoor areas of restaurants and bus stops and taxi cab waiting areas.

 The interesting part for me is that they are banning smoking in private clubs. In this incident only an American legion is affected and as they stated in a public hearing, when people join they are told it is a smoke friendly environment, so it is their choice to join or not.

You can read more on this at the Daily Hampshire Gazette

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