Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New cigar from H.Upmann, The Banker. All Cuban seed tobaccos. Cigarpairings.com #hupmann #Upmann #cigaroftheday #cigarart #Cigar #cigars #cigarlounger #cigarlife #cigarphotography #cigarsmoking #cigarporn #nowsmoking #smokingcigars

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FDA Moving on Restrictions on Tobacco but Premium Cigars might be saved

It is time to unite. Premium cigar lovers now have to step up to the plate and voice your opinion to the FDA.

The FDA announced it's intent to restrict the sale of tobacco products and increase the role of the FDA in the process of making and selling of tobacco products in the United States, but is considering an exemption for premium hand-made cigars.

The FDA is seeking comment from the public on the possibility of making a premium cigar exemption.
In the next 75 days, you have the opportunity to voice your opinion.

Go to the the Cigar Rights of America to learn more.

To read this story in it's entirety, read it at Cigar Aficionado

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cigar of the day, a pre-release gem. Dunhill 1907. A medium bodied cigar with a Mexican wrapper, Dominican Olor binder and Dominican Olor and Piloto Cubano fillers. #dunhill #newrelease #cigar #cigarphotography #cigars #cigarart #cigarporn #cigarpairings #cigarlounger #cigarlife #nowsmoking #smokingcigars #smokinghot

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It's that time of year again.
When the Northeastern part of Pennsylvania gets a bit smokey and the scent of premium cigars fills the air of the Pocono Mountains.

It's time for all you brothers and sisters of the leaf to join in on the fun at CigarFest 2014. One of the largest cigar event in the world. This is the 11th annual event and it promises to be another wonderful event with premium cigars, potent potables and of course lovely cigar models.

Cigarfest 2014 opens on April 30th with four free events featuring Royal Gold and CAO

Cigarfest always sells out fast and this year was no exception, but if you weren't able to get tickets for either Friday or Saturday's main events they really have a lot of free events going on also.

For a full calendar of events, check out their website. CigarFest

Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Early Spring Pairing with a Punch

Today was one of those perfect early Spring days. The temperature was in the high 60's, the sun was shining and I got to spend a few hours playing golf. Yes, a wonderful day. So, to end this day I wanted a pairing that was as perfect as the day.

Recently I was on The Cigar Lounger internet radio show and we talked about Lanceros sized cigars. In my humidor I had one left from the bunch I brought to the show. In my mind this was the perfect cigar for today.
To pair with this cigar I needed a wine to stand up with it and not overpower this thin beauty.

Oliva Serie V Lancero

Root: 1 2012 Carmenere

The Cigar:
This is one of those cigars I has been acclaimed as one of the best of 2012 by Cigar Aficionado magazine. And I really cannot disagree. But, not just in 2012, this cigar keeps on delivering year after year.
The Oliva Serie V cigar in this Lancero size gives you much more of a wrapper to filler ratio giving it it's wonderful complexity and flavors.
It has a Habano Sun Grown wrapper, with Nicaraguan binder and a filler from the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua giving it the spice that you expect from a cigar made with tobacco from the Jalapa Valley.
Knowing that I expected this cigar to pack a slight punch and it did. Do not let the thin 38 ring gauge fool you into thinking this is a lightweight cigar, this cigar has tons of flavor and ends up being on the high side of medium to the low side of a full bodied cigar.
You really get those earthy notes and the spice from the filler tobaccos but the cedar and dark chocolate from the Sun grown come out all through the smoke. Very enjoyable from start to finish.

The Wine:
From all you just read about this cigar you'd guess you need a wine with alot of character and complexity to compliment the smoke. I was a bit tossed up as to what wine I wanted for this pairing. I didn't want to go too dry because the balance would have been off, too fruity and it would have really clashed.
I settle on a newer varietal for me that is growing in my collection, a Carmenere. This particular bottle is a 2012 vintage from the Root: 1 vineyards of Chile.
The Root 1: 2012 Carmenere is 85% Carmenere and 15% Syrah grape and aged for 10 months in both American and French oak. This wine has a very full body with the fruit forward especially in the nose. It has hints of blackberry, plum and a smoky finish.
The wine did need to be decanted before it really reached it's potential, but after a few hours of breathing the wine opened up and the ripe aroma and full flavor came out.
The Pairing:
This is one of those pairings that could be a bit much for some people. A fuller bodied cigar with a deep, fruit forward wine, but for me the balance was perfect. The deep plum noted of the Root: 1 Carmenere balance nicely with the spicier noted of the Oliva Serie V Lancero.

Another great thing about this pairing is the price.
The Root: 1 202 Carmenere is under $15.00 a bottle and the Oliva Serie V Lancero will run you about $6.00. Making this pairing not only enjoyable but thoroughly affordable.

My only recommendation is to enjoy this pairing after a good meal of possibly steak or barbeque.
It definitely has an effect.

Preview for this April Pairing

Below is a video from Root: 1 Winery about their Carmenere wine. 
Their 2012 vintage will be the wine for my next pairing.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Size; so many choices

There are so many choices out there when it comes to premium cigars. Not just brands, but lines in the brands and then of course there is the size.

There are so many different sizes out there from petit coronas to gordos. And every cigar manufacturer calls there size something different; it can really get confusing.

A seasoned cigar smoker knows that certain blends of cigars tastes best in certain sizes. But size is also a regional thing. For example in the US, it seems larger ring sized cigars are more popular while abroad they prefer thinner cigars. Personally, anything over a 52 ring gauge for me is just not a great experience.

I am happy to have read recently that cigar makers are starting to go back to the Lancero size cigars.
One of these is the Herrera Esteli line of cigars produced by Willie Herrera with Drew Estate cigars. There new cigar is a 7" x 38 ring smoke that should be wonderful. I am looking forward to trying one of these once it is release. But in the meantime, you can read the review on Halfwheel.com and I will smoke my Oliva Serie V Lancero.


Afternoon smoke, Perdomo Sun Grown Grand Cru 2006 #perdomo #nowsmoking #cigarphotography #cigars #cigarart #cigarlounger #cigarlife #SunGrown #nicaragua #cigarpairings #cigarporn

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Cigar of the day, a limited release made in the PDR factory, Guerra. A solid medium bodied cigar. Right now available at Cigar.com #Guerra #PDR #cigarphotography #cigarart #Cigar #criollo #cigarsnob #cigars #cigarporn #cigarpairings #nowsmoking #figurado #smoke #smoking

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Great Cigar Aps

This is a really good article about cigar specific aps.
I am also happy to be a contributor for The Cigar Lounger Magazine.

 Android Headlines:
 Featured Article: 


Monday, April 7, 2014

Cigar of the day, Drew Estate, Opulence 3. #cigarphotography #cigarart #DrewEstate #opulence3 #cigars #cigarsmoking #nowsmoking #smokingcigars #cigarporn #cigarpairings Cigarpairibgs.com

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Blend Your Own Cigars

Photo Compliments of Cigar.com
Have you ever thought to yourself, this cigar is good but if it only had a bit more ligero...

Have you ever wanted the chance to blend your very own box of cigars?

Now, the people at Cigar.com have teamed up with George Rico to come up with a way that you can blend your own cigar to your own tastes and likes. They call it the G.A.R. Deli.

To me this is a fabulous idea. I have always wanted to blend my own cigar from the grown up and now I have the opportunity.

The process seems pretty straightforward also. You call one of Cigar.com's experts at 800-357-9800 and order this blending kit.
Then once you get the kit you find that there are 17 bags with two small puritos inside. You smoke the individual puritos and discover the flavors you like the best. You can even mix them together to really get the taste you like. Then  fill out the order form with your wrapper, binder and combination of filler tobaccos.

Once you send that in they start rolling your very own blend of cigar blended at the G.A. R. factory in Miami. Soon you will have a box of 25 cigars with your name on it.

I really think this is a pretty great gift idea or just something any serious cigar aficionado will want to have.

Your own cigar, blended to your specifications. Cigar Nirvana!