Monday, April 7, 2014

Blend Your Own Cigars

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Have you ever thought to yourself, this cigar is good but if it only had a bit more ligero...

Have you ever wanted the chance to blend your very own box of cigars?

Now, the people at have teamed up with George Rico to come up with a way that you can blend your own cigar to your own tastes and likes. They call it the G.A.R. Deli.

To me this is a fabulous idea. I have always wanted to blend my own cigar from the grown up and now I have the opportunity.

The process seems pretty straightforward also. You call one of's experts at 800-357-9800 and order this blending kit.
Then once you get the kit you find that there are 17 bags with two small puritos inside. You smoke the individual puritos and discover the flavors you like the best. You can even mix them together to really get the taste you like. Then  fill out the order form with your wrapper, binder and combination of filler tobaccos.

Once you send that in they start rolling your very own blend of cigar blended at the G.A. R. factory in Miami. Soon you will have a box of 25 cigars with your name on it.

I really think this is a pretty great gift idea or just something any serious cigar aficionado will want to have.

Your own cigar, blended to your specifications. Cigar Nirvana!

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