Thursday, April 17, 2014

Size; so many choices

There are so many choices out there when it comes to premium cigars. Not just brands, but lines in the brands and then of course there is the size.

There are so many different sizes out there from petit coronas to gordos. And every cigar manufacturer calls there size something different; it can really get confusing.

A seasoned cigar smoker knows that certain blends of cigars tastes best in certain sizes. But size is also a regional thing. For example in the US, it seems larger ring sized cigars are more popular while abroad they prefer thinner cigars. Personally, anything over a 52 ring gauge for me is just not a great experience.

I am happy to have read recently that cigar makers are starting to go back to the Lancero size cigars.
One of these is the Herrera Esteli line of cigars produced by Willie Herrera with Drew Estate cigars. There new cigar is a 7" x 38 ring smoke that should be wonderful. I am looking forward to trying one of these once it is release. But in the meantime, you can read the review on and I will smoke my Oliva Serie V Lancero.


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