Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FDA Comment Period

A few weeks ago I posted about the FDA's over 200 page announcement about the restrictions it is planning on imposing on the tobacco industry.

My post I guess was too subtle because I received no comments and I did not see any forwards etc.

If you read my blog then you are a cigar lover. Those same cigars are going to be regulated out of existence if we do not step up and intelligently voice our opinion.

You now have the chance. The FDA uses public dockets through the Federal Register to solicit information from all stakeholders on a number of specific issues related to implementation of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. You now have less than 75 days remaining in the comment period.

Not comments on blogs, or to your Congressman, but on the official FDA website.

These comments all have to be read and answered by the FDA. The last time something like this happened in the tobacco industry was when the FDA was making a ruling on menthol cigarettes. There were so many comments it took them 5 years to answer them all before they could continue the process. We have a shot here. The FDA is already thinking about making an exemption for premium cigars but they need to hear from you.

The information you need is:


Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189-0001

This is where you can intelligently state our case for the premium cigar exemption in the Tobacco Control Act.

If you are not sure what to write, the Cigar Rights of America website has talking points for your comment.

Do NOT think that some other guy will write a comment and things will be ok. 
This is as serious as it gets.

It doesn't matter what your political affiliation is, what matters is that you are a person who enjoys the freedom to smoke a premium cigar.

Do your part to protect this quality of life.

Please, don't wait, you only have till July.

Act Now.

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