Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Cost of Location, Cigar Tax by State

When we talk about the quality of life a cigar brings we rarely talk about the cost.

When I mention the cost of a cigar in my pairings I usually talk about the cost based on Pennsylvania or on-line retailers where tax is not an issue.

But if say, you lived in Utah and went to your local brick and mortar retailer a $5.00 cigar would cost you $9.30! The reason being the 86% tax the state of Utah imposes on your cigar.

Taxes in the US by state range from zero in Florida, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania to the whopping 95% in Minnesota. This with the sweeping bans on public smoking bans have made it much harder and more expensive for us to enjoy this pastime.

To see where your state ranks check out the Cigar Tax by State chart on Halfwheel.com

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