Saturday, February 21, 2015

Air travel for the Cigar Lover

I just got back from a nice vacation in the islands. The weather was beautiful and there is nothing like smoking one of my favorite cigars on the beach or pool side. But having my cigars but no cutter or lighter could tarnish the experience. You can pinch off the end but you could pull an damage the construction. Or try to light up a cigar in the breeze with a book of matches.

Now, on the good side there are things that the TSA has now allowed you to bring in your carry on luggage.

Cigar cutters are not considered  weapons. So you can bring them on the plane. personally I carry my cutter on the plane. I would rater not check it and have my luggage get lost with my cutter in it.

Lighters, well you can bring a common soft flame lighter on the plane but torch lighters are still banned. You can even carry on a book of matches, but I am not a fan of trying to light a cigar with a book of matches. A list of allowed lighters can be found here on the TSA website.
Now to bring your favorite torch lighter to help light your cigars on vacation you really need to invest in a TSA approved DOT special container. My favorite is the Colibri Tranzpack. It seals well and doesn't take up that much room in your checked baggage. But make sure you have the lighter bled then refilled to the max before you go. You don't want to run out of fluid while your still on vacation.

Now what about those cigars?
There are dozens of travel humidors out there from the beautiful Daniel Marshall humidor, to a mason jar.

My personal favorite for vacation needs to be a bit bigger than the Daniel Marshall 10 count travel humidor so I use a 40 count Herf-a-dor. This case is water proof, crush proof (I wouldn't test this) and has a vent so that when the pressure builds in the case, you can vent the air and it will open easily.

They say it holds 40 cigars but maybe it will hold 40 coronas. On my last trip I was able to safely pack 24 cigars, a spare cutter and soft flame lighter. And of course, I carried this on the plane with me.

There are many other cases and ways to travel with cigars, some fancier some more utilitarian, a long as those cherished cigars, cutter and lighter get to your destination for your enjoyment, that's all that counts.

Travel safely and enjoy your cigars.

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