Sunday, February 14, 2016

Playboy, PG rated

As a art photographer who has spent most of his 30 years as a photographer of artistic nudes I always appreciated the tasteful and creative ways Playboy magazine portrayed women.
Their articles were always good although, sometimes, a bit pretentious. But always worth buying and paging though.

Now Playboy has come out with their first non-nude edition sporting a new grade of paper and style.
Looking through the magazine today I felt like I was looking at a special edition of Maxim Magazine. Yes the paper grade and printing is much better but and the articles are still very much the same as they have been and the photography seems like they tried too hard to cover up the nudity. Like some cheesy boudoir studio who doesn't want to take "naughty" photos, they used gaussian filters and drapes to hide any reference to the beautifully done nudes of their past.

I am sure this change will be portrayed as a triumph to some and a brief marketing boost for Playboy, but unless they get more creative than a weekend warrior with a digital camera with their photography and portrayal of beautiful women, this might just be the end of an era.

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