Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Cigar: Moments of Pleasure, a book review

Just over a month ago I was contacted to review a book about the making and enjoyment of cigars. Of course I said I would and waited for the book to arrive.

I had no idea of how big or small it would be and I was a bit skeptical of a new book about the cigar world being any good or at least different.

There are so many books about the cigar lifestyle on the market today. And even I have thought about doing a pictorial book.

Being a long time cigar lover and a photographer in the cigar world I thought I could do a pretty damn good book. I travel to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. I know the cigar process and have been in the fields and in the rolling rooms with the workers. I know I could do a great job in capturing the essence of this passion for cigars. But, after seeing "The Cigar: Moments of Pleasure" I am no longer going to pursue this idea.

From the minute I opened the package I was blown away. Not only is this book stunning to look at but it's big. The book measures almost 12" x 12", is 316 pages long and is bound beautifully. The paper choice was perfect, not a high gloss magazine paper, but a rich mat art paper that compliments each and every photo.

This book is not only one you'll want to display proudly on your coffee table in your home or office but it is a really wonderful read.

The authors and photographers Morten Ehrhorn and Justin Hummerston are passionate about cigars. There are chapters on everything you could think of from the first time tobacco was cultivated through planting, harvesting, rolling, smoking and humidifying a cigar.

Images of different types of tobacco and sizes of cigars educate the novice smoker but are great for anyone who knows cigars as well. Seeing the field workers smiling while picking a leaf, or a roller finishing off the cap on a beautifully oily maduro cigar, immerses you in the world.

The photography is really beautiful. Photographed not only in Central America but Cuba, Indonesia and the United States; this book brings together the entire cigar world.

It seems nothing was left out in this 5 year labor of love.
Personally, I really enjoy the photographs of the variety of people throughout the book enjoying a premium hand made cigar. The portraits are of everyday people having that "Moment of Pleasure" that we all have experienced.

I encourage you to go to and order a copy of "The Cigar: Moments of Pleasure". This is one piece of cigar memorabilia you will definitely be proud to keep out and share with other aficionados.

For full disclosure the book was given to me to review but I have not been compensated in any other way to write this review.

Check it out for yourself. It retails for $59.00 on Amazon and it is well worth it.

You will definitely enjoy, "The Cigar: Moments of Pleasure"

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