Monday, January 2, 2017

Review: Stage V Clinger

Recently I received an interesting cigar accessory in the mail; the Stage V "Clinger".
The company touts this as being a very unique cigar accessory that can hold your cigar anywhere.

Since it is winter time here I did not have a chance to try it out on the golf course as the company shows on their website but I was able to test it out in my studio and here is my review.

Once you get past the name, ( I immediately think of MASH) the Clinger is an interesting device to hold your cigar when you are out and about. It has two very strong magnets  on the back which will definitely hold it onto most any surface that will hold a magnet.

It also comes with Velcro straps to hold onto things light plastic chair arms and aluminium poles. The Clinger seems to be very well made and I can see it lasting for years.
I tested it holing different ring gauge cigars as picture below.

I used a 42, a 50 and a 60 ring gauge cigar in my tests.
All were held well and there was no damage to the wrapper.

 The clinger was a bit tight on the 60 ring gauge cigar and loose on the 42 but they were held pretty well.

The Clinger seems like it is a very convenient cigar holder especially when used on a golf cart, lawn chair or porch swing.
My concern is if you try using it when you are driving your golf cart or ATV. It uses a light pressure to keep the cigars from being damaged but a smaller ring gauge cigar will probably slide out of this holder. It is well made and thought out and definitely will not damage your cigars. 

The Clinger comes in four colors, Blue, White, Red and the Orange that was given to me for the review by Stage V.

I know I will definitely try this out when the weather warms up and I hit the links. I am not sure if I'd use it on a lawn chair or any other object where I can't use the magnet. The magnets are super strong
but if you are not attaching it to steel you are relying on the Velcro straps. They seems like they'd hold well but I have a clamp on cigar holder for these situations that is a bit easier to use and requires no Velcro.

All in all I think the Clinger by Stage V is a very interesting and unique cigar holder that I will definitely use and worth a purchase for any golfer or outdoorsman who always has the issue of where to put your cigar when you're about to take your next putt or don't have an ashtray handy.

If you have a Clinger, let me know what you think and how you've tested it out.

As far as a retail price for the Stage V Clinger, I received mine from the company at no cost to write this review but I have seen it advertised on retailers for $14.99

For more information on the Clinger you can visit their website at